Mar 132010

So with the brutal winter weather not only comes dry, itchy skin but also Dry, Cracked lips… and for most of us no matter how much water we drink it doesn’t seem to help hydrate the lips…While browsing the  forum my friend Tish mentioned that she uses the new Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy to help keep her lips soft and moisturized….I’d never heard of this line and decided I’d be interested in trying this overnight therapy… off to walgreens I went and once I got there they had both the Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Daily Hydration Therapy at first sight I thought they were a tad bit high ($5-6 each) but hey it was worth a try…. I used the Daily Hydration during the day as often as I felt I needed it and the Overnight Renewal everynight before bed… I used this combination for 1 week but saw the benefits within about 2 days of using this combo… This stuff is GREAT!! it makes the lips softer and it moisturizes like a dream.. no more chapped, crusty, painful lips for me :lol and it doesn’t take much you really use a very small amount, so it seems like it would last a while…if you’d like to try either of these products click here Neosporin has provided a $3 coupon all you need to do is fill out a few simple questions!













Price: At first I thought they were a bit high, but after using they are so worth it!


Packaging:Its ok….


Product Quality: AWESOME!!!!



Pros: Moisturizing, easy to use, reasonably priced, you don’t use a lot!


Cons: NONE…

Have any of you tried these products?? If so what were your thoughts??

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  • Sara

    ohh I havnt seen these! This is defintly a brand I trust!