Sep 262010

So Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend MAC’s “unveiling” party for the MAC/Disney Collection Venemous Villains!! I was so excited to view the collection in person and I’m so glad I chose to attend instead of flaking out as I usually do.

1st off let me say “WOW!” I didn’t realize that so many people actually attend these events! the store was nicely decorated with a mini bar complete with a bartender who made some sort of mixed drink (can’t tell you what it was as I opted to pass, had to drive home) and a photo station that allowed guest to dress as their favorite villian and have their photos taken.

All of the Makeup Artist looked wonderful in the different character color schemes, they were Killing Violetta and the Mineralized shadow combo in “She Who Dares”  there were so many color combos worn and each was as beautiful as the next  I truly wish I would have taken photos of everything and even stayed for a bit but the crowd was so thick I couldn’t even get to the displays, I was a bit overwhelmed and under experienced as this was my 1st MAC event so I decided to just pick up the items I knew were definetly on my list and grab the others when they hit the stores and counters with that being said I picked up the following:

Dr. Facilier :
Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun
I’m so vain mirror
Evil Queen:
Bite of an Apple Blush
Vainglorious Eyeshadow
Violetta Lipstick
Briar Rose Beauty Powder
I also want:
She who dares Mineralized Shadow
Toxic tale lipstick
Here are a few photos from my haul….
I’m so vain compact mirror
Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun                                        
Briar Rose Beauty Powder                                                       
Violetta Lipstick                    
Vainglorious Shadow          
Bite of an apple blush            
 I am very happy with my purchases! am LOVE everything I purchased I have 2 more items on my list they are: She who Dares Mineralized Shadow and Toxic Tales Lipstick once I get those my haul will be complete….
And here are a few swatches:
NO FLASH (R-L, T-B) Briar Rose, Vainglorious, Bite of an apple, Cajun, Violetta
WITH FLASH (R-L, T-B) Briar Rose, Vainglorious, Bite of an apple, Cajun, Violetta
That’s all I have! Hope you enjoyed the post….
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