Feb 202011
NYX HD primer

Happy Sunday Brides!!!

A couple of weeks ago I posted information about NYX’s new HD collection and promised that I would try the products and give you guys my opinion…so here is the 1st product I’m going to review…..


OK, here we go…

 When I initially tried the primer I didn’t like it!! The consistency was watery and looked like milk when I first applied it but after a few minutes and a lil blending the consistancy changed but it left a white cast…I was a little confused and turned off by that and just knew that it would be a disaster in the making, and even though I looked “ashy” and didn’t know what to expect I decided to continue with the makeup application. Once I applied the foundation everything turned out great!!!


 The primer really gave the foundation something to stick to and in the end provided me with long wear and great coverage. One thing I did notice was that in the areas of my face that were a tad bit dryer than others I had to add more moisturizer as this primer made those spots more noticeable, but once a little more moisturizer was added we were back in business. I only had to blot my face once throughout the day and that is a definite plus for me….



A facial primer that diffuses light and creates the illusion of flawless skin.

  • Simple sleek packaging

  • Comes with a pump so there’s no need to buy one!

  • The price is very reasonable so you can still look good without breaking the bank

  • provides long lasting makeup

  • Because of the white cast blemishes are slightly unnoticable

  • Didn’t cause me any breakouts

I actually couldn’t find anything bad to say about the overall performance of the product, only that the consistency might take some a while to get use to and there is a slight fragrance but nothing major….

  • You like quality products without hefty price tags

  • Like your makeup to last and look great!

  • Anyone with oily skin

  • You like spending unnecessary money to look good

  • Maybe if you have extremely dry skin

  • You feel like you HAVE to wear the best NAMES to look good…lol


This primer is definitely worth the price ($14) and worth a try, I am very impressed with the way NYX has decided to step up their game and compete with the bigger names and those known for their HD products! I am surprised by how well the product performed, I didn’t think I would be pleased by the product and was really iffy about trying it but after wearing it for about 2 weeks NYX has made me a believer… 



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  • KIA

    NYX is really coming up in the game with their prods! checking in on you girl. how are you??
    KIA´s last blog post ..Ms Danti has a Tumblr!

  • http://married2makeup.com MsChrys

    They sure are I’m so proud of them! I’m good thanks so much for stopping by!! How are you?

  • http://www.splendidstyle.tumblr.com Joanne_

    I’m so glad u did this review! I haven’t found many and I’m still curious about various primers. Thanks!

  • http://married2makeup.com MsChrys

    Anytime :-)