Sep 052011

I’ve always heard that castor oil promoted hair growth but never thought to try it til I recently noticed that although my almost BSL (Bra Strap Length) hair grows it also keeps shedding and breaking! I know that breaking and shedding are normal when it comes to hair but I’m a bit concerned with the rate mine is shedding, especially since I only relax every 6-8 weeks or so. I don’t use very much heat, I generally sit under my hooded dryer on wash days give myself a quick flat iron and either wrap my hair or wear a bun. I use a satin bonnet when I sleep and wear a shower cap when I wash. I use damage free hair ties and I make sure my bobby pins aren’t missing the tips. I use  Morrocan Oils hydrating shampoo and conditioner, along with their oil  at $40 a bottle. So I cannot figure for the life of me why my hair is shedding so badly….




 Finally frustrated  I decided to hit google and see what types of remedies (natural) I could come up with.

One thing that seems to be quite popular with a lot of natural and relaxed women is the castor oil challenge… I’ve watched countless youtube videos and read many haircare boards all with only rave reviews and positive feedback so I  decided I’d give it a try besides I already have castor oil and coconut oil in the cabinets I guess it’s worth a try…

with that being said  today is going to be the 1st day of my Castor Oil hair Challenge. I will give myself til December 31st to see how long I can get my hair to grow and most importantly to stop BREAKING!!!


 I will keep you updated with pics of my progress every 6 weeks… once I come up with a solid regimen that really works I’ll give you guys the details of what products actually work for me….

If anyone else is interested in joining here are the rules:

Castor Oil Challenge Rules:

(1). Apply Castor oil to your scalp at least twice a week, more times depending on how quickly the oil has penetrate/absorb into your scalp; start out preferably on wash days when your hair & scalp is clean

(1a.) Use extra virgin castor oil or just ensure that the oil you are using doesn’t have any preservatives or salt.
(1b). Report the type of Castor Oil that you will be using post photo if possible)
(1c). Take beginning photo and post if possible or keep for comparison for end of challenge.

(2). Do not rinse out until the next wash day giving the oil more time to penetrate the scalp.

(3). No other growth aids can be used during the time span of this challenge!

(4). Those who are sensitive to using Castor Oil straight, you can mix your Castor Oil with another Carrier Oil i.e. EVOO, EVCO, Safflower Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. for less irritation.


So who’s with me???

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