Oct 232011

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Beauty Brunch hosted by local Atlanta Makeup Artist and Blogger  Ms. Mimi J, this was my 1st time attending a beauty event and I really didn’t know what to expect.

 I honestly debated about attending and in the end thanks to Ms. Kia of Yummy 411 I decided I’d go..


The brunch was held at a the Beignet Connection in Atlanta which was nice and cozy the total attendance for the brunch was about 25 including the panel which consisted of bloggers and 1 SEO guru (he was also the only guy participating) there was a nice blend because most of the ladies in attendance were either makeup artist, beauty bloggers, or hairstylist, so we all had something in common which made it easy to mingle with each other.


I really enjoyed the panelist that were chosen for this event each had their own experiences and insight that led to a very informative forum and all had good tips to share with the attendees. The panelist were:  Our Host: Mimi J, Latoicha from Luxe Tips, Ren from MakeupbyRenRen , Mattie from Mattieologie,  Mae from Natural Chica, and SEO Specialist Bret of WebDevils.


                             L-R: Mimi J, Latoicha, Ren, Bret, Mattie, and Mae


The one and only Mattie from Mattieologie!!


A few of the guest mingling….


I also enjoyed meeting the women in attendance who were all so sweet, I really learned a lot  during the brunch and am so glad I decided to attend! Thanks Kia for the pep talk :-)


Some of the information I took home with me:

  • Register your blog or website through creativecommons.org to protect your  content

  • Creating original, unique content makes it harder to steal

  • Invest in your blog: spend the money to buy quality equpment such as : cameras, lighting, quality business cards, etc.

  • As your blog grows, your readers expect you as a blogger to grow they expect more quality from you and your content

  • Name you blog pics to link back to your blog name to increase SEO rankings

  • Don’t be shy! Get out and mingle, go to events and get your name and site name out there.. alway meet the host and get their card so you can follow up later.

  • Always carry a business/blog card never know who you’ll run into!

Til next time stay GAWJUSSS!!!



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