Oct 092011
Lafemme Blush Palette

Many of you don’t know this but I’ve secretly been trying to get into the world of freelance Makeup Artistry and am in the process of trying to build a kit… and boy let me tell you that is way harder than you’d think! in my quest to build the perfect kit I’ve done lots of research on products that I’d like to carry in my kit and one budget friendly product was constantly mentioned by some of the industries best MUA’s… Lafemme Blushes!

SO… after reading reviews by some of my favorite MUA’s : Makeup by RenRen, Kj Bennet on in my kit.com, & Goss Makeup Artist I had to give these babies a try!

I placed my order with Makeup Mania on a Friday night and received them on Wednesday, the service was excellent and the  shipping was fast! the price excellent in my opinion I paid $42.95 for 12 blushes in a palette and that included shipping! great deal in my eyes and even better for my pockets!


I was so impressed with these I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.


 I’ve tried lots of blushes from various companies both high end and drugstore and I have to say that with the exception of a few matte shades that have a  chalky texture and a few of the brighter shades that stain these blushes are GREAT! especially for the price. at $2.50 a pan these blushes offer pigmentation that is absolutely on point, what you see in the pan is exactly what you get on the skin with some colors being very intense. The pan size is nice not small at all,  and the wear time is equally good! there’s absolutely no fading!  I’m happy to add these to my kit and I like the quality of the blushes so much I think that I might grab another palette or two.











Photo taken without flash (L-R):  Red, Golden Sunset, Sienna, Soft Beige, Peach Sparkle, Cinnabar






Photo taken with Flash (L-R): Red, Golden Sunset, Sienna, Soft Beige, Peach Sparkle, Cinnabar





Photo taken with  Flash (L-R): Magenta, Grape, Mulberry, Stormy Rose, Mocha, Misty Plum






Photos taken without Flash (L-R): Magenta, Grape, Mulberry, Stormy Rose, Mocha, Misty Plum


If you haven’t tried Lafemme Blushes I seriously recommend that you do, especially if you want to look great without breaking the bank! I gaurantee you’ll be happy you did :-)

Have you tried Lafemme Blushes?? if so, What are your thoughts?? which colors are your favorite??

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  • http://www.clumpsofmascara.com Brittany

    Okay, seriously….why haven’t I heard of these blushes? They are just gorgeous!
    Brittany´s last blog post ..Mascara Monday: Mark Lash All You Want High Volume mascara

  • http://married2makeup.com MsChrys

    Don’t feel bad! I’d never heard of them before til I started doing my research for kit building purposes… I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and tried them cause they are the truth and there are soo many colors to choose from and they fit everyone’s budget!

  • jean

    I been looking for a deep orange blush, perferrably by LaFemme, but cannot find it. Can you help.?

  • http://married2makeup.com MsChrys

    Hello Jean thanks for visiting Married2Makeup! I didn’t get an orange blush from Lafemme in fact all the orange/peach blushes I own are by MAC besides NARS Taj Mahal which is my favorite blush of all time, It looks awesome on ALL skin coolors especially darker skin tones. I was going to get an orange from LaFemme but at the time I ordered MakeupMania was out of the Peach, Coral, and Orange. If you go to Makeup Mania they actually have pics of all the Lafemme colors. I hope that helps other than that try googling to see swatches, I did that too!