Feb 092012

A couple of days ago I posted about Elle Moody and I attending the PrettyCity Annual Beauty Sample Sale, But In totally forgot to tell you about the newest beauty procedure that adds oomph to  your wimpy lashes and gives them a major lift!


The company is Babydoll Lashes the product Silicon Eyelash perm….

As Elle and I mixed and mingled through the crowd at the sample sale we were drawn to the woman in the corner ( a vendor)applying colorful gook to someone’s lashes….Me being nosey;  y’all know I asked What The Heezy was going on… The technician and CREATOR of the procduct/ procedure  Shea Gibson, explained to us that she was “perming” yes! Perming this ladies lashes…..

The procedure takes lashes that are limp, straight and short and basically brings them back to life… they don’t look like the ladies in the mascara commercials but they are very noticable and even have a nice curl to them they appear straightened, longer and also appear to make your eyes look wider like you’re really awake…so you can throw those lash curlers in the drawer!

The technique is fairly simple a little lengthy (about 45 minutes- 1 hour)  the results are AWESOME and last about 2 months depending on the shedding cycle of your natural lashes.

Elle had her lashes done and I was in amazement with the results! I think I’m gonna give it a try!!


If you’re interested in Baby Doll Lashes or just want more info visit Shea here: http://www.babydolllashes.com or on Facebook at: Babydoll.Lashes or even Twitter: @4babydolllashes






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