Jun 192011
face of the day 06/19/2011...especially for yummy411

Hey Divas! today I thought I’d try something different in the looks department! anyone that knows me knows that although I own a ton of bright lipsticks I NEVER wear them, I always like to see WOC wearing brights especially lips but I have always been too scared to actually wear them myself so with the nudging from Miss [….]

Jun 182011
face of the day 06/17/2011

Hey Brides!! I know its been a while since I’ve posted and for that I’m so very sorry…life and work have been uber hectic but things are finally starting to settle down… I was on my way out to spend the day with my daughters and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to post a Face of [….]

Jul 052010
Turquoise, Purple,& Green A FOTD

  Hi Guys! So sorry for the lack of post but I’ve got a lot of “life” things going on right now… trying to totally redecorate my house including painting while still going to work everyday is so taking a toll on lil ole me… but through all the chaos I actually got a chance to get in [….]